MORMON Questions Answered I

 B 26  What's Going On In There? by Chuck Sackett, Sword of the Shepherd Ministries Inc, P.O. Box 4707, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91359
Chuck Sackett, a former Mormon temple worker, recorded the temple ceremony in detail word for word. The ceremony was later adjusted in 1992 but mostly motions of rituals were changed, which made it even more deceptive. Most of the content is parallel to today. The book is rare. All we have is a photo copy of the book.

 B 12  The Burning of a Strange Fire by Barney Fuller, Huntington House, PO Box 53788, Lafayette, Louisana 70505
Barney, a former Mormon of 40 years. He writes about the early history of the church and Joseph Smith.

 B 9  Following The Brethren by Ezra Benson, Bruce McConkie, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, PO Box 1884, SLC, Ut 84110
Mormon speeches by Mormon Apostles Ezra Taft Benson and Bruce R. McConkie which reveal their doctrine from their own lips.

 B 10  Major Problems Of Mormonism by Jerald & Sandra Tanner, 1350 South West Temple, SLC, Ut 84115
30 years of research on Mormonism distilled into a 256-page book. Covers most important areas.

 B 44  Latter-Day Saints - Where Did You Get Your Authority? by Hal Hougey, Pacific Publishing Co., Concord, Ca 94522
An excellent study of the Mormon priesthood and what it is really based on.

 B 16  God's Word, Final, Infallible and Forever by Floyd McElveen, Gospel Truth Ministry, PO Box 1015, Grand Rapids, Mi 49501
Baptist Evangelist, Floyd McElveen, studied Mormonism for 15 yrs from a Christian perspective and compells Mormons to make a decision for or against the church by simply confronting them with their own beliefs vs the Gospel. He spells out in no uncertain terms why it is not Christianity. Highly recommended.

 B 38  Mormon Scriptures and the Bible, by Jerald & Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Minsitries, 1350 South West Temple, SLC, Ut 84115
The Tanners write about the decline of the Bible in Mormon theology. Charge that the Catholics conspired to alter the Bible. Young's attempt to suppress Joseph's Imspired Revision of the Bible.

 B 35  Archaeology and the Book of Mormon, by Jerald & Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, 1350 South West Temple, SLC, Ut 84115
The Book of Mormon in light of archaeological findings in the New World.

 B 155  Ferguson's Manuscript Unveiled, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, SLC., Ut.
A very significant paper relating to Book of Mormon archaeology and geography. Thomas Stuart Ferguson, one of the most noted defenders of the Book of Mormon, was finally forced to conclude it was "fictional."



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